Asbestos in Furnace Pipes, or Mold in the Basement? Call the Decontamination Services in CT

Have you ever seen how a professional company performs Decontamination Services in CT and how the workers dress when they’re sent out on the job of removing asbestos or toxic molds? They’re covered from head to toe with special clothing, plus they wear face masks and hoods on their heads. If you have seen them, then you know the job they’re doing must be very dangerous if they breathe in spores from the mold or fibers of the asbestos during removal. They learn how to properly remove and dispose of these substances safely keeping every worker safe.

Asbestos is a mineral that was used in many industries long ago. Because it was fire retardant, it was used inside mines, furnace pipes, roof shingles, floor tile, automobile brakes and many other manufactured products. Once people began suffering from cancer of the lining around the lungs, companies put a halt to its use. Those companies that knew they were using a dangerous product in their manufacturing and didn’t convey this to workers are still being sued since it takes twenty to thirty years for the cancer to show up.

Usually, homes with asbestos siding, if left alone, are not dangerous. It is when homeowners buy a home and want to make changes in it and progress in an area begins with municipalities making changes by tearing down the homes that requires calling Decontamination Services in CT. Companies such as AA Asbestos Abatement LLC are called in to remove it the right way and the safe way.

Mold is also a dangerous substance requiring special removal tactics. If there’s dampness in a home, mold will begin to take over if it’s not removed. Many homeowners try to deal with it themselves if there’s just a small amount. If you’ve never seen mold, it’s a very homely, fuzzy substance that can be numerous colors, from white, gray, black, green and other colors. It’s dangerous if breathed in by the very young, seniors, and those with allergies. A homeowner that deals with large amounts of molds by turning on fans to dry out the home is only going to spread the mold spores everywhere so that it begins in other areas. Homes must be properly vented, dried out with dehumidifiers, and companies specializing in Decontamination Services in CT called in to dispose of it properly.

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