How to Get Properly Sized for Walkers in Ledyard CT

If you are older and unsure on your feet, it’s important to get the assistance you need so you don’t fall and sustain a serious injury. While canes are a popular choice, many people feel more stable when they use a walker. If you think you can benefit from getting a walker, make sure you talk to your doctor or pharmacist about being properly sized for one of the many styles of Walkers in Ledyard CT. Not being properly sized can make it uncomfortable to use the device, and prevent you from getting the assistance you need to retain your independence. Arm, Height and Gait MeasurementsOne of the first things the technician will do is measure your arm and leg length, and determine how large your gait is when you walk. This information will be used to determine what size walker you need, and to ensure that it is set at the proper height.

If they don’t size you prior to letting you purchase a walker, it could cause your walker to be uncomfortable and dangerous to use. Choose a Walker Style and DesignOnce the proper size is determined, you then need to choose what style of walker you want. A standard walker has no wheels, and requires you to lift it as you walk. Some models have either two or four wheels to make it easier to move and provide more support. You can also choose a front lead walker, which will provide you with a seat for you to rest in case you need to take breaks during your activities. Purchase Accessories to Make Your Walker More User FriendlyIt’s important to set your walker up so it offers you the most convenience possible.

There is a wide array of accessories that you can add onto the unit, such as a walker bag or tray, which will make it easier to use, and provide you with the best experience possible. Browse the full line of available accessories so you can choose the ones that will best suit your lifestyle.If you are scared that you could be injured while walking, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about getting one of the many styles of Walkers in Ledyard CT. If you aren’t sure where to start, contact fort hill pharmacy. They will help you find the walker you need to retain your independence.

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