Assessing the Damage

In an automobile accident, the chances of serious injury are fairly high, with a lot of force and momentum involved in a very small window of time. After a traumatic accident, there is a large variety of tests, such as NCV testing, that your doctor may run to assess whatever health issues may have arisen. Most tests can be grouped into the kinds listed below.

General Examination

As many automobile accidents will involve sharp edges like broken glass or twisted metal, a general exam is an excellent starting point to look for surface trauma and to stop any serious bleeding. This may involve stitches, as well as general questions about any symptoms or pains you are having, as well as any medications you are on. Answer truthfully, but be aware that some aches and pains may not be felt right away due to adrenaline or shock.

Imaging Tests

There are several kinds of imaging tests, all used to view parts of a person’s body through their skin. CT or Cat scans, as well as MRIs and Ultrasounds are usually used to examine soft tissue damage, using X-rays or sound waves to form an image. This allows doctors to look for internal trauma that may not be visible on the surface, especially for injuries done to organs. X-rays are also a type of imaging as well, but are usually used to look for injuries done to hard tissues, such as bones.

Muscle and Nerve Tests

Some damage done to the body is not easily visible, even with the use of modern imaging practices. These include issues with the muscles and nerves of the body, and their ability to respond properly to electrical signals from the brain or other stimuli. An electromyogram, or an EMG, examines how these signals affect muscles in motion and in rest. Similarly, a nerve conduction test or NVC testing measures the speed and reliability of the electrical signals or impulses sent by the nerves. An accident doctor can specialize in these kinds of tests.

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