What to Expect When Meeting With Medical Cannabis Doctors in San Francisco

It is sometimes uncomfortable for non-recreational cannabis users to discuss its medical use with a doctor. Many people have benefited by adding cannabis to their treatment plan, but negative responses are still common. Medical Cannabis Doctors in San Francisco are open-minded about the potential it offers, and patients that want to try out its effectiveness should understand how the process works.

Meet the Requirements

The doctor or nurse practitioner prescribing the cannabis must be licensed by the state. Not all licensed physicians agree with using this product, although a recent study revealed that approximately 76 percent of doctors approve of its use as a supervised medical treatment. Every doctor has the right to refuse to give a cannabis prescription. The patient must choose another provider if their usual doctor declines their request. Usually, doctors that recommend herbal or organic options are pro-cannabis.

Get the Prescription

A prescription is required to obtain the product just as it would be with any drug. The prescription will detail the dosing amount and the length of time the product is to be used. Most doctors require the patient have a genuine need for the cannabis and a history of inadequate treatment with traditional medications. To obtain future prescriptions for medical cannabis, the patient must attend any follow-up appointments.

Visit a Dispensary

Skilled Medical Cannabis Doctors in San Francisco educate their patients about the product. They recommend specific methods of use, either as edibles, oil, sprays or smoking. There are also patches, topical creams and suppositories and more. The method of medicating depends on the reason for its use and what option is more comfortable and effective for the patient. For example, a skin condition may require a topical product or someone that wants to control queasiness may want to vape or smoke.

The prescription is not filled at the local pharmacy or from a physician. A medical marijuana card that details the prescription and lists the prescribing physician is provided so the patient can visit a licensed dispensary for fulfillment. The dispensary staff will help the patient to find exactly what they need.

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