Benefits of Hiring an Estate Attorney in Piqua OH

Estate planning is an extremely serious affair that will determine your own and your dependants financial security in the long run. However, there is so much more to estate planning than merely creating a will or signing of the documents. The process involves finer details, including the legality of each an every document that you create. However, a minor error in creating these documents can change your entire intent, which can lead to ugly disputes among your dependants. It is therefore essential that you hire an experienced estate attorney, who will ensure that your documents reflect your intentions. Here are more benefits of hiring an estate attorney Piqua OH.

Protection of your assets
Your estate will be subject to taxation under federal laws at the time of your death. An Experienced estate attorney will apply their knowledge and experience gained from having handled similar situations in the past, to explore options that will significantly reduce the impact of taxation on your estate.

Ensuring financial security for your beneficiaries
An experienced attorney will assist you with appropriate arrangement of your assets in accordance with all applicable laws. This will allow you to leave behind an inheritance for your loved ones and your family, ensuring that your beneficiaries will be adequately provided for, eliminating unpleasant surprises after your demise.

Sorting out complex family and financial situations
If your life is complicated, for instance where you are in a second or later marriage, you own real estate in different states, you have disabled family members or you don’t have children, you will require intensive counseling and advice from a seasoned estate planning attorney in order to create sensible estate planning documents. Inadequate documentation of your estate planning intentions may leave the important matters to a probate lawyer, in which case a large chunk of your estate may be received by your state’s department of revenue.

It is important that you get a reliable estate attorney Piqua OH who will help you achieve both your long term and short term goals that are related to your estate. Contact Shipman Dixon & Livingston Co. L.P.A. They also have competent family, commercial, bankruptcy, personal injury and civil litigation lawyers. Visit for more details.


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