Benefits Of Receiving A Data Analytics Certificate In New York

Once you’ve completed your first post-secondary degree, you may be tired of school and eager to head into the job market. However, it’s a good idea to take some time and consider if there are any other programs or certifications that may be beneficial to you as you search for a job. Data analytics is a rapidly growing field, one with applications across industries, and one that can help give you key skills you need to get the job you want faster. Here are a few benefits of receiving a data analytics certificate in New York.


Proof of Education

There are many type of advanced or continuous education available that may provide a wealth of information, but don’t provide any certification or proof that you’ve actually taken those courses. While many employers want to be trusting, there are some who will demand or request proof of continuous education, and who may disregard the course if some type of certification cannot be provided. Certification is also a way to indicate that you have some form of success in that field of study, measured through testing, which makes you an attractive applicant to employers looking to hire the most qualified individual. Check with the institution you are hoping to attend to ensure that they offer certification. Some, like RSquare Edge, offer nationally recognized certification while others may not.


Gain Edge In Job Search

Additional education in the field of data science, something not currently offered in any depth at many colleges or universities, shows employers that you have the dedication and ambition needed to go after a certification you feel will help your career. This looks incredibly impressive to employers, many of who are looking for that same type of dedication and ambition in their future hires. It also shows that you have an eye on the future, and are able to see the potential in data analytics for their company, or any company for that matter. Going after the training you need in order to get in on the ground floor of this exciting field also demonstrates intelligence and an eager attitude, something sure to be desired by prospective employers.


Application Across Fields

Data analytics can be used and applied across a variety of different fields, from healthcare to education to retail to marketing, making it a very useful certification to have achieved. When you are being interviewed or are a new hire you can stress the importance of data analytics to the company, and explain how, when properly done, it can benefit their bottom line. This can help get the job you want, by having additional skills not offered by your peers, or can help create a new position, one where you can combine data analytics with other aspects of your current position. By having certification from a qualified institution, such as RSquare Edge, you can confidently demonstrate your expertise in this area.

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