Is A Social Security Attorney Really Required?

In 2001 there were 1.5 million applications for Social Security disability benefits; of this number 47 percent were approved. In 2015 there were 2.5 million applications of which 32 percent were approved. As one can see the number of applications has risen dramatically whereas the number of applications approved has dropped considerably.

The majority of the claims that were denied on the initial application are put forward for appeal; the first stage is to ask for a reconsideration of the initial application which is rarely successful. The next stage of the appeals process is to have the case reviewed by an Administrative Law Judge. If you have not worked with a lawyer up to this stage, now is the time to hire a Social Security attorney in Michigan, the chances of winning your claim at this stage are considerably higher when you are represented. It must be stressed that no Social Security attorney can guarantee that you will be awarded benefits, what the attorney can do however is to ensure that your case is developed and presented properly.

Developing a case is of paramount importance:

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is complex, the type of thing that the majority of claimants would not know how to deal with as they get ready for a hearing. This is not a problem for a seasoned attorney; they are extremely familiar with the process as well as the laws, rules and regulations that are in force. A Social Security attorney in Michigan will know through experience what to expect from the judge.

There is absolutely no reason not to hire a Social Security attorney; the laws are such that they work on contingency which simply means they only get paid should you win the case. With this being the case you can be sure that the attorney will do everything possible to ensure success on your behalf.

Some applicants will hire a Social Security attorney in Michigan right at the outset of the claims process while others will wait until they have been denied benefits. At any time during the process you are invited to have your case reviewed by the experts at Thurswell Law.

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