Best Foods to Choose for Office Catering Functions

When it comes to Chicago office catering, it can be difficult deciding which foods to include on your menu. Your final choices should take in such factors as how many different items you’re going to include, how many people are going to be attending the event, and the diversity of your attendees. Here are some of the most common foods to include on the menu:


Vegetarian dishes are an absolute must on the menu for the non-meat eaters in attendance. Your caterer can create plenty of delicious recipes that are healthy and filling.  Beans, couscous, and even veggie pizza can all add a spark to the menu.


What’s a catered event without pasta? Spaghetti, lasagna, Fettucine, and other noodle concoctions can add zest to any meal.


You can’t go wrong with chicken and there are dozens of recipes that can transform it from ordinary to extraordinary. Ask your caterer to get creative and whip up some dishes that will wow your attendees. Chicken parmesan, classic fried chicken or chicken fried rice are all great choices.


For the diet conscious attendees, salads are always a good choice. Not just macaroni and potato (those aren’t diet friendly) but mixed greens with a selection of tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and tasty dressings.


A selection of appetizers will keep your audience from getting too famished before the main courses are ready. There are hundreds of options and you can work with your caterer to come up with some unique yet classic dishes like Bruschetta, garlic bread, brie and even caviar.

Also, a note on allergies. With so many life-threatening peanut allergies out there today, it might be a good idea to avoid any foods with peanuts or peanut products. Ask your Chicago office catering company to ensure that all food is peanut-free. Choose Food For Thought for best food and office catering.

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