Best Safety Practices When Casting Lead Ingots

Learning how to cast your own lead bullets is a great way to continue a long-time tradition for gun owners. Using cast lead bullets that are derived from quality bullet alloy is a simple way to ensure quality shot and create bullets that are ideal for your shooting needs.

Many competitive shooters, as well as hunters, will become experts at casting lead ingots to create the ideal bullets for their guns. This is also a tradition that is passed down to future generations, continuing the old practices in a way that is very much a part of the love of hunting and shooting sports.

However, casting lead ingots to make bullets can be a safety issue if not done correctly. By understanding the basic safety practices, anyone can safely cast lead and learn to cast and reload their own ammunition.


It is critical that any area where you are casting lead ingots is extremely well ventilated. If indoors, which is the most common option for the furnace or heat source, use a fan to force air over the furnace and to the exterior of the building.

Do not melt lead in a home where the fumes and the dust from working with the lead can circulate through home HVAC systems. It is highly recommended that, even when working outside in a well-ventilated area, individuals should use a respirator.

Cover Up

Wear cotton clothing that will not melt if any of the molten lead splashes or drops during the melting or casting process. Long sleeves, long pants, and leather boots are a must to protect your skin from both molten lead as well as from contact with lead dust when casting lead ingots.

Always wear goggles and gloves when working with lead and ideal invest in a shop apron that adds an additional layer of protection. In addition, make sure the furnace and the work surface are solid and secure and far away from any sources of flammable materials.

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