Beverage Processing Technology: Reflecting Market Trends

In 2016, the beverage processing equipment market reached approximately $0.8 billion in the United States. It is currently on the mark to grow over the next decade. However, like other consumer-driven products, those who produce beverages must be in tune with ongoing changes. This is a highly competitive market. It is one in which the decision to purchase new technology and adopt innovative solutions rest heavily on the latest trends in beverage preferences.

The Changing Beverage Market

The beverage market is changing in many ways. The current consumers are altering the way beverage companies consider their product. Traditional products such as sodas and sugary, flavored drinks are on the decline. Instead, the focus is on beverages that are:

* Healthy

* Natural

* Organic

* Environmentally friendly packaging

* Energized and/or fortified

* Non-carbonated

* Low in calories

Companies must also consider such factors as local sourcing of ingredients and materials.

Beverage Processing Equipment

With the change in customer preferences, beverage companies have to reconsider their production methods. They must address the public’s concerns for food and beverage safety, nutritional content and environmental issues by installing the right processing technology. The systems must be able to deliver what the consumers want while providing the beverage manufacturers with what they need to be profitable and marketable. In other words, the new technology must:

* Be able to increase productivity

* Be innovative

* Be capable of providing faster changeover speeds

* Offer improved automation – including robotics

* Present an ease of cleaning and low levels maintenance

Above all, the latest technologies must be flexible. They must be adaptable to current and further changes in consumer tastes. Their level of functionality has to embrace whatever the company has to produce.

Beverage Processing Technology

The beverage industry is undergoing change. Consumers are demanding alternative drinks, including healthier, energized and organic products. A highly competitive market, beverage processing companies need to work with equipment managers to ensure the latest technology can adapt quickly, easily and efficiently to any future changes.

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    Author: Timothy Harvard

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