How to Make French Press Coffee

French Press coffee is made in a pot that has a filter and plunger. The pot is filled with coffee beans and water is pressed through. It is a quick and efficient way to make good coffee. Here is the simple process from start to finish.

Find Your French Press Pot

First, find a compatible French press pot. If you are at a workplace, you can research office coffee supplies in Los Angeles or online for inventory. French press pots are convenient enough to bring into the office!

Pick a Coffee That Works for You

Start with a favorite ground coffee blend. It is suggested to go not to fine with your coffee, you want it to be a bit coarse. This step may take some practice for you to find the sweet spot. Everyone likes their coffee different, so take note on how you like you ground beans.

Add Water

Next, add your water. Water temperature should be at or near boiling. Add the water slowly and stir once. Experts say you should wait approximately 30 seconds after adding the water to have the beans settle.

Brew to Taste

Then, put the top on a brew anywhere between 4-8 minutes depending on your taste preference. The longer you wait, the more flavor that is developed. Especially with a coarser ground bean, you want to really let it sit and brew closer to 8 minutes to really get all the taste out of the bean.


The plunging process comes after brewing is done. You plunge by slowly and gently pressing down into the pot. Any vigorous shaking of the beans may ruin the final flavor so take care here. Plunge and press down until you can’t go any farther.

From here, you can finally pour your cup of coffee. The brewing process is complete and the coffee can be enjoyed.

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