The Need For Metric Weld Stud Components

While weld stud applications are often considered for the large construction projects such as bridges and buildings, weld studs can be used with very small items as well. Using Capacitor Discharge or CD stud welding, it is possible to use this option to attach fasteners to very thin workpieces.

For export to countries in the European Union, to Mexico, Canada or almost all other countries in the world, using metric weld stud may be an important decision. This will allow for those fabricating equipment or do-it-yourself assembly types of items to have the threads and sizes of fasteners that will work with the tools used in countries other than the United States.

Problems With Supply

It is important to realize that within the United States finding a ready supply of top quality metric weld stud suppliers may be a challenge. Some contractors may offer some of these in the most common lengths and diameters, but they will often have only limited in-stock supply.

A much better choice is to find a specialized weld stud company. These companies will not only offer the in-house inventory needed, but they will offer a wider range of metric sizes.

Most of these companies will provide metric weld stud options in full thread and pitch diameter as well as unthreaded. They can also customize and manufacture weld studs for specific types of projects or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as a one-time or ongoing production.

Make sure to read the properties of the weld studs to ensure the correct match for the requirements of your project. Once you have found the supplier, you can discuss options for setting up deliveries and arranging orders. A few companies even offer contract assembly, which may be a cost and time-saving aspect for your business to consider.

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