Bolingbrook Family Lawyers Assist in Family Law Cases in Illinois

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Law

Family law involves topics that are related to children and marriage, such as divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, adoption, guardianship, and more. Over the past few years, these kinds of law cases have evolved to also include things like restraining orders, same sex marriage, gender bias, and related cases. It also covers things like wills.

No matter which one of these issues you face, you can get the advice  you need from Bolingbrook family lawyers like Fay, Farrow and Associates, PC in the state of Illinois.

How did Family Law Begin in the US?

When issues regarding family law started in the US, it was based on European feudalism and until the 20th century, the husband had legal rights over the wife’s property and was considered as his wife’s legal guardian. However, that changed by around 1900, and slowly the laws got more modern and equitable. Lawyers such as Bolingbrook family lawyers would have had to learn a lot of new rules, regulations and proceedings.

During the 1970s, family law started to include things like morality, family values and gender bias cases, as well as legal changes for topics like divorce, child support and custody. By the end of the 1980s, the US had adopted no-fault divorce laws and that made divorce proceedings easier and less costly to the participants and the court system if both parties agreed on the divorce.

Family Laws Regarding Children Changed in 20th Century

Another set of family laws that changed dramatically over the years are childcare laws. The family law lawyers like Bolingbrook family lawyers have kept up with is child custody and support issues. Prior to the 20th century, children were usually awarded to the mothers for custody in the case of divorce, but over the decades the courts started to see the value of fathers sometimes getting custody, and then came the idea of awarding joint custody, so both parents shared custody.

Laws regarding child custody and support, as well as marriage and divorce, aren’t the only family law issues that have evolved over the years. This field of law is ever under evaluation and family law lawyers must stay abreast of all these changes.

Bolingbrook Family Lawyers Keep Up to Date on All Family Law

Like everything else in life, family law is an ever changing field and that’s why Bolingbrook family lawyers are always learning the latest so they can continue to help their clients. If you need advice in a family law case, call us today at Fay, Farrow and Associates, PC for an appointment.

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