Bowling Attire – What to Wear to the Local Lanes

It may seem like a no-brainer to dress for the sport you’re preparing to play. After all, most sports have prerequisite gear that you can’t enter the field or ring without. What about bowling, though? One of America’s favorite pastimes for all ages, bowling has few requirements, leaving many people wondering what to wear. Here’s a quick guide that will show you what to choose and how to dress for success in the lanes.

Bowling for Sport

For many people, bowling is a low-impact, enjoyable sport that anyone can participate in. If you’re bowling for sport, your bowling apparel should be as functional as possible. Look to professional and competitive bowlers for your cues in how to wardrobe yourself.

Bowling specialty retailers typically offer clothing specially designed for maximum comfort and movement during play. Look for clothing that is well-fitted yet comfortable, and for socks that make taking your shoes on and off easy and quick. You aren’t likely to need your own bowling shoes if you’re playing casually, but those who play competitively or very frequently may want to invest in a pair of their own.

Of course, if bowling is your passion, it doesn’t hurt to check out the novelty apparel available from many specialty retailers that boasts your affinity for the game. Everything from shirts to underwear to ties can be emblazoned with images from your favorite game; choose your favorites and show everyone exactly what you’re about!

Bowling for Romance

Many couples and groups choose bowling as a casual, laid-back and affordable date option. With this in mind, choosing bowling apparel may involve more than just what’s most functional. If you are planning a bowling date, here are a few suggestions for what to wear:

  • Men may choose slim-fitting pants that aren’t too long to prevent tripping, but also aren’t too tight through the seat to allow flexibility. Today’s “skinny” jean styles are great for this.
  • Ladies’ jeans and pants are already excellent for bowling, so if you have the option to wear pants instead of a dress or skirt, choose your cutest, most comfortable pair.
  • Wear flat, comfortable shoes, and cute, comfortable socks. You’ll typically be removing your own shoes once you arrive, so be prepared with socks you won’t be embarrassed of.
  • Most comfortable shirts are fine for bowling, as it’s a low-energy sport. Choose tops that won’t detract from your ability to move your arms, and that won’t fall off your shoulders or arms when you bend and stretch to bowl.

Remember to wear something comfortable and fun, and your date or friendly outing will follow suit!

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