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Home improvements aren’t boring anymore. Take the colors of siding, for instance. Choosing colors becomes a very exciting part of having siding installed. Siding used to be available in neutrals, such as white and beige. Now, vinyl siding is available in groups of colors, such as burgundy, soft muted pinks, olive green, soft blues, light teal, cool colors, and warm colors. Today, even names, such as heritage, rustic, and country are used to describe certain reds, blues and greens that many people choose for their homes. Combine the colors of siding with the type of roof being installed, plus the shutters, windows and entrance door, and a homeowner is going to have a house that he/she can be extremely proud of owning.

Click Here to meet Steve Gentry Construction in Rochester MN. This is a company with many years of experience. Vinyl siding isn’t the only type of siding this company installs. They work with stucco, steel siding, Masonite siding, and cedar siding, so a homeowner has many choices in the material used and the colors they would like for their home. Potential clients can view the website, which has a beautiful photo gallery of homes the company has recently constructed or improved upon.

There’s also a list of the many types of windows the company installs to give the home its character and special personality. Energy efficient doors and windows will keep it cool and comfortable in the summertime, and warm as toast in winter. They install Egress windows, triple paned, awning windows, double hung, casement windows, sliding, and storm windows.

Steve Gentry Construction in Rochester MN also specializes in fully insulated entrance doors that save on energy. A door offers exceptional curb appeal to a home. Beautiful entrance doors have an invisible “welcome sign” that each homeowner chooses when they purchase their special door. Much thought and care should be taken when choosing a door. Every person entering the home walks through this gorgeous and welcoming entrance door, and it’s always going to be remembered.

All of these home improvements add phenomenal value to a home. If a homeowner is having a new home constructed, they’ll want the roof, siding, shutters, deck, windows and doors to last for years. Choosing one of the best companies in the area to do them is a major step in being a satisfied and happy homeowner.

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