There are Many Typical Treatments for Back Pain

When a pain management specialist is deciding on a course of treatment for your back pain the first thing that needs to be ascertained is whether it is acute or chronic pain. Most people try a combination of alternating hot and cold packs when they injure themselves but that can also provide some relief for those who suffer from chronic pain. Physical therapy can also prove effective as strengthening exercises can help improve flexibility and your range of motion. When you look for back pain treatment in Jacksonville this is some of what you might find to ease your pain.

There are OTC (Over the Counter) and Prescription Medications that can help

  • Analgesics are intended to alleviate pain. These include OTC medicines on the order of aspirin and aspirin substitutes like Tylenol. They also encompass prescription medications like codeine, vicodin, morphine, oxycodone and the like.
  • TENS Unit is the use of gentle stimulation of the nerves in the back which now days generally is achieved by a portable unit attached by pads to your skin. Your pain management physician can prescribe one for you if he or she feels it would be beneficial.
  • OTC sprays and creams along with prescribed drops like Pennsaid or patches like Flector.

Those Injections that Everyone has an Opinion About
Seems like anybody who has ever tried them, knows somebody who has tried them or who has even heard about someone who tried them has an opinion. The bottom line is it is for you and you pain management physician to make that decision about whether or not you want to try them and if they may help you. There are epidurals, epis for short. They can provide temporary relief and are not for use long term. You can also try a nerve block which is injected by way of a catheter right into your spinal column and is usually steroids or a local anesthetic.

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