Tapping Into the Value of a Custom Watch Display

There are definite benefits to showcasing watches in a custom display. Custom displays can highlight a product’s features and effectively market a brand at the same time. When the display targets a particular demographic, sales can increase because customers can relate to the message. A custom display can keep your company name in front of people. Even if the product is sold out, the display continues to advertise your product’s value.

The Benefits of a Custom Watch Display

1: Brand Elevation. The display can easily highlight a product’s main features while effectively marketing the brand name. Some marketers spend millions studying the demographics of a particular marketing segment and then advertising to that segment.

2: Versatility. Watch displays can easily be customized and designed to fit the retailer’s needs. They can be built and shaped into virtually any design imaginable. They can be constructed as cases, racks, wall mounts, or holders. Depending on the material used, they can also be recycled.

3. Convenience. The right watch display can be positioned anywhere in a retail outlet. Retailers can easily address décor and space requirement and limitations. However, shopping convenience for the customer is a main benefit of positioning creative designs.

4. A Tool for Providing Information. Innovative and attractive watch displays serve as a platform to launch new products or services. However, retailers sometimes overlook the fact they can serve as an excellent means of keeping customers informed.

5. Increase Profits. Displays can increase the “perceived value” of your watch products. Every marketer knows that “perceived value” can be a great motivator when people are faced with a buying decision. Sales count, and a beautiful display can impact bottom line profits. A large majority of all jewelry selections are made in the store. This means that consumer did not set out with the intention of making a purchase. However, once in the store, and drawn to an attractive display case, they made the decision to buy.

Help Your Customer Reach a Buying Decision
No retailer should overlook the fact that people make impulsive buying decisions. It is not a bad thing. A custom watch display has power to capture a buyer’s attention. This often leads to repeat purchases.

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