Building With T Channel Aluminum

For an office workspace, a garage, or even a home storage area, having the right type of storage compartments, work tables and even racks can be a costly addition to your budget. Buying commercially pre-made racks and work areas means there are limited options to make changes, but that is not the case when you make your own using T channel aluminum.

Basically, when making storage areas, shelving, racks or worktables at home or for a work area in a business, the two options available are wood or metal. Wood is certainly the least expensive, but it is also the least durable option and provides limited configuration changes after the original construction.

By using T channel aluminum, you have a very durable design that forms a lightweight frame and storage component. Additionally, since you can use bolts to attach the components, configuration modifications are as easy as drilling new holes and simply moving the frame or component where you need them.

The Benefits

With the light weight of aluminum t channel, you can easily fasten the rack components for shelving or bins directly to the walls. For very small spaces it is also possible to mount the t channel directly to the ceiling, giving you additional overhead storage without the additional weight of the wood that limits the actual capacity of the shelf, rack or bins.

Additionally, by using aluminum, there is no maintenance or upkeep. Wood needs to be painted or stained to prevent damage from high humidity or potential water and insect damage. Aluminum is corrosion and rust resistant, and insects are never a problem. Aluminum will also not splinter or warp over time, which means it will look the same in 50 years as it does the day you install the system.

Ease of Installation

The design of T channel aluminum allows special t channel fasteners or hex bolts to simply slide into the channel and then attach to the shelving or other frame components. You can easily reposition or move the bolt up and down the channel to create the perfect space with a lot of exact measuring and drilling.

The lightweight nature of aluminum and the ease of cutting of the sections make it a simple option for completing a project in very short time. Pre-drilled and ready to install, t channel can make any do-it-yourself storage, rack or shelving project each for anyone to complete in just a few hours.

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