Buying Aftermarket Parts from a Machine Shop in Woodland Hills, CA

There are two basic kinds of parts for your automobile. You can get parts from the original manufacturer or you can get aftermarket parts. Parts from the original manufacturer are called OEM parts. They are the ones that came with your vehicle and are sometimes called stock parts as well. They are great because you know that they will fit your vehicle and perform as expected. If you have the right make and model, you know the parts will work as intended. However, if you want some kind of alternate performance attributes, you need aftermarket parts from a reliable machine shop.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are those that are built by some company other than the original equipment manufacturer. In some cases, the original manufacturer might make a range of performance parts that could be considered aftermarket, but generally, they’re made by a separate company. Aftermarket parts are usually available from a machine shop in Woodland Hills, CA. Aftermarket parts are made with some kind of enhanced performance or aesthetics in mind.

If you visit All Car Parts Ltd., you can find some great aftermarket parts that will offer you more specialized types of performance.


Different aftermarket parts available at a machine shop can do things that your original parts cannot do. For example, aftermarket spark plugs are very common upgrades for car owners. An original spark plug will arc one electrical spark that ignites gasoline in the cylinders of your vehicle; if you have a stronger spark, you can more effectively ignite the gasoline and increase the performance of your engine. Aftermarket spark plugs will often have multiple nodes and more effectively create a spark.

These are just a few of the types of aftermarket parts. You can find aftermarket parts that serve many different purposes from many different manufacturers.

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