Are Your Brakes in Mystic Holding the Road?

Nothing is more dangerous than not being able to brake, especially if you drive on highly-traveled highways or winding roads. Even if you travel in remote areas, losing the use of your braking system can lead to serious consequences.

Do You Hear a Screeching Sound?

Probably the easiest way to tell that your braking system is bad is by the sound it makes. If you hear a screeching sound when you brake, this is a warning that you need to have your brakes in Mystic inspected. In this case, that screeching is alerting you to the need for a brake pad replacement.

However, if your car has been exposed to water, the accumulation of moisture can cause a layer of rust to form on the rotors. If this occurs, you will hear some screeching. The sound will dissipate after you have driven the car for a while and is therefore not a cause for concern.

Is There a Puddle Under Your Car?

You may have a leak in your braking system if you notice that your brakes are not performing responsively. For example, if you apply the pedal and it sinks close to the floor, it could be a sign of a leak that may be an air or fluid leak. If fluid is leaking, it often makes its presence known when you park your car. Brake fluid looks almost the same as motor oil.

Brakes will grind too if they need to be fixed. Usually, you will hear a grating metallic sound. In this instance, you have worn the brake pads down to a point of no return. The grinding is caused by the disc and caliper coming into contact. When this happens, it can scratch the rotors, which usually leads to the need for replacement.

Vibration can also indicate a brake repair or it could be a sign that your car is out of alignment. If the vibration occurs during braking, it means that the pads cannot grab the surface properly. Therefore, never overlook any brake repair. Make sure that your braking system is calibrated and works. Get more information about brake parts by going online today. That is the best way to save on the cost of a repair or replacement.

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