What to Do After Windshield Repair in Papillion, NE

Countless cars have their windshields damaged in one way or another. Whether they were involved in an accident or a rock from the street flew up and caused a small crack, the entire windshield could need to be replaced by a professional. Many people think they can get a new windshield and continue driving as usual. Windshield Repair in Papillion NE is a process that requires careful consideration and handling before and after. There are certain things one should and shouldn’t do after a repair to keep the glass in good condition.

Avoid Driving as Much as Possible

Many people can’t be without their cars for long. There are too many places to go and people to see. After a windshield repair, however, it is often recommended to wait at least a few hours before driving. This is to ensure the adhesive is fully dried and the windshield is set correctly so it remains in place.

Do Not Wash the Car

For at least a full 24 hours after a windshield repair, a car should not be washed. It really is best to wait a few days, as a car wash uses high-pressure water to eliminate stains and spots on the vehicle. Too much pressure could cause the adhesive to come loose, allowing water inside. Those who truly cannot wait for a car wash should try hand-washing the vehicle instead. That way, they can wash the exterior of the car without having to touch the windshield.

Open a Window Before Closing a Door

With all four windows rolled up, closing a car door could mean too much pressure inside. The pressure could result in a leak through the adhesive on the new windshield. It is best to roll down a window at least a bit so some air can escape. Do this before closing any door for at least the first 24 hours after a replacement.

Windshield Repair in Papillion NE requires careful consideration. People cannot simply drive off after a repair and expect the results to last. They need to drive cautiously and carefully so as not to cause further problems. Dingman’s Collision Center offers windshield repair in the area. Learn more about us from our website and see additional services offered.

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