Buying or Selling – Call a Furniture Consignment Shop in Nashville TN

What does a person do when they want to redecorate, and the furniture they have is still in exceptionally great shape? It’s clean, still very beautiful and comfortable, and too good to simply throw out. For anyone that wants to offset the cost of new decor they can look into consignment shops and earn at least 50% of the price the shop places on it when it sells. This is an excellent way to ensure beautiful high end items that hold wonderful memories find a new home.

The Velvet Shoestring is a Furniture Consignment Shop Nashville TN residents call when they want to buy or sell special items of furniture or pictures. They can sell their own upscale furniture at these shops, or buy from them when they’re ready to redecorate their own home or apartment. The company operates locations in Nashville, Tennessee, Wayne, Pennsylvania, and Williamsport, Virginia.

Interested customers can call the Furniture Consignment Shop Nashville TN has available, or they can visit a shop closer to their area, and let them know they have items they would like to place on consignment. Photos of the articles can be sent by email to the shop. The address listed for sending photos is If a customer needs assistance with getting their furniture to the shop, they can pick it up for a nominal fee. These high end and upscale possessions placed on consignment will bring a fair price when sold. Payment disbursements for items sold are made on the 5th of the month.

Each person should make note as to when their items were taken to the shop since after a certain time period, if they don’t sell, they’ll be donated. The furniture consignment shop like The Velvet Shoestring in Nashville TN residents call has a lot of information available on their website for people who have articles they want to place on consignment in the Nashville area. For those who want to decorate their homes with reasonably priced items they should visit the shops in their locale.

From draperies to exquisite art designs, vases, wall art and antique or modern furniture, their home can look as though photos of it belong in a magazine. A very nice feature each shop has is their customer service. They like to help customers by giving them ideas on designing their homes.

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