Types of Water Treatment in Milledgeville GA for Resolving Various Problems

Dealing with rusty, smelly or otherwise unpleasant tap water is enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure. Fortunately, various types of Water Treatment in Milledgeville GA can resolve these problems and allow homeowners to feel satisfied with their tap water. These issues usually are associated with rural properties that rely on good water. Whereas people living in town may need a water softener to cut down on the mineral content in water, well water is prone to additional problems. Along with high amounts of calcium and magnesium that leave limescale on sinks and fixtures, the liquid may contain iron, sulfur and iron bacteria. High levels of iron can smell metallic and leave orange stains behind. Sulfur and iron bacteria have an odor like rotten eggs. People can avoid drinking the water by buying bottled water, but nobody wants to smell rotten eggs while they’re showering, taking a bath or doing laundry.

Depending on the type and severity of the problem, Water Treatment in Milledgeville GA might involve having a filter installed under the kitchen sink that converts unpleasant tap water into good-tasting and odor-free liquid. A more extensive solution involves adding a filtration system where the water enters the building so that all the fixtures in the house release treated water. A softener eliminates the high mineral content, including iron, but it can’t do much about odors caused by iron bacteria and sulfur.

None of these water problems is considered harmful for health, which is reassuring. However, trying to drink a glass of water that smells or tastes bad can turn someone’s stomach. A company such as Advanced Water Technology tests and analyzes water to make a definitive diagnosis of the substances having negative effects on the liquid. This allows the technicians to recommend the most effective treatment options. Many rural residents choose to have both a softener and a filter to address multiple problems. In the future, they’ll simply need to add salt to the softener storage tank as necessary and change the filter when they start noticing water odors. Both salt and filters are affordable and will do a great deal to improve everyone’s satisfaction with the home. Contact Us for more information.

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