By Taking Advantage of Laser Cutting Seattle, WA Businesses and Hobbyists Alike Can Thrive

Laser cutting is a common process in modern metal working operations. It provides clean and accurate cuts on both flat metal sheets and curved piping, working more efficiently than other means of cutting metal by providing more accuracy and thus wasting less material. Until recent times this modern technology was cost prohibitive for all but industrial manufacturing applications, but in recent times schools, small businesses, and even enthusiastic hobbyists have begun to take advantage of it. But how does laser cutting work?

There are three different types of lasers commonly used in laser cutting. Carbon dioxide lasers are used for boring and engraving as well as cutting. Neodymium is more useful for boring, which requires a higher level of energy but less repetition. Neodymium yttrium-aluminium-garnet lasers are even more powerful and are used in both boring and engraving. In addition, all of these lasers can be used in welding applications, although their use is less common.

There are several different ways that lasers can create cuts in metal and other materials. Wood, carbon, some plastics, and other materials that will not melt can be cut through vaporization, in which the material is heated to its boiling point. Metals are usually cut using a melt and blow technique which heats the metal only to its melting point then uses a gas jet to blow the molten metal out and away from the kerf. Reactive cutting is used to cut thicker steel plates by applying a laser beam that functions much like an oxygen torch. For glass thermal stress cracking is more appropriate, as its brittleness makes it more sensitive to thermal fracture.

Carbon dioxide lasers are the most common type used in industrial applications. They can cut aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and titanium as well as many nonmetallic materials like wood, plastic, and even fabric. Their versatility is part of what makes them so popular. No matter what kind of Laser Cutting Seattle WA businesses and individuals require, it will need to be taken to a skilled professional trained in using the complicated machinery.

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