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by | Jan 19, 2016 | Pest Control

No one enjoys being stung by a bee, wasp or yellow jacket. If someone is allergic to bees, a sting can quickly become a life-threatening situation. It would be necessary to call for Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh to deal with a potentially hazardous problem.

Instead of Destroying Ground Bees, Try to Prevent Them from Nesting in the Yard

Ground bees are very useful for pollinating a wide variety of plants. Farmers often raise ground bees in order to have better crops. As general rules, ground bees are not particularly aggressive. Some people confuse ground bees and yellow jackets, which are very aggressive and have a small waist, unlike bees.

To prevent ground bees from establishing a nest:

• Plant thick grass or mulch heavily. Ground bees prefer to build their nests in the ground that is bare, without vegetation.

• Water more frequently. Ground bees like dry earth; wet ground makes their burrows unstable. Flooded burrows will encourage them to relocate.

• If it’s necessary to kill them, contact a professional.

Ground Bees

There are a number of species of ground bees, which make nests in the ground instead of in an above-ground hive. They pollinate just as the above-ground bees do. Ground bees are semi-social, with one female bee per burrow. The ground bees may make their own burrow or move into an abandoned hole left by a mouse or other small animal.

Ground bees are small, typically no larger than 1/2″. They may be yellow and black, but could also be black and purple, blue, green or red, appearing metallic.
The bees are first noticed in the spring when the males can be seen buzzing in large numbers. Between March and May, the bees emerge from their burrows. Since these are solitary bees, all females are fertile; there is no queen. During the summer, the females will build burrows and collect food for the larvae, who will emerge the following spring.

Burrow extend at least 6″ into the ground. Tunnels may go in any direction. Clusters of small holes can be seen; these holes are used to aerate the burrows and do not harm plants or lawns.

Kevin Abraham is The-Beeman, with 35 years of experience in the control and eradication of stinging insects. His removal techniques are certified by the EPA. He offers 24-hour service, so you can count on Kevin for Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh. To contact Kevin, visit the website.

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