Can You Claim Social Security Disability Benefits?

People that are stricken with a medical condition; be it physical or mental may be able to collect disability benefits from Social Security in Kansas City. The process can be very confusing, trying to comprehend the requirements are difficult as are the application process and appeals. As the entire procedure is so difficult, especially as the applicant is disabled, it is always best to hire an attorney that practices in this area.

The basics of Social Security disability:

We have two types of benefits:

   *   SSDI – Social Security Disability Insurance
   *   SSI – Supplemental Security Income

SSDI is available to those that have paid into the system via payroll deduction; SSI on the other hand is available to low-income applicants, the blind and children that have never entered the workforce.

For the Social Security Administration to consider you as being disabled for the purpose of providing disability benefits your condition must be such that you cannot perform gainful work and the disability must be expected to last for at least one year or result in the death of the applicant.

Appealing a denied claim:

Statistically, having your claim for Social Security in Kansas City approved on the first application is remote, currently about three quarters of all applications are denied. There is no reason to be overly disappointed as there is an appeals process that often results in approval, especially if you work closely with an attorney.

The appeal process begins with a simple request for reconsideration, rarely does this result in approval. The greatest number of subsequent approvals happen after the applicant has had an opportunity to reinforce his or her claim in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge. During the appeal, the applicant and his attorney can submit additional evidence supporting the claim and can also introduce experts who can give their professional opinion.

A well prepared appeal will certainly improve the chances of success.

If you are disabled and wish to apply for Social Security in Kansas City you should seriously consider hiring a seasoned attorney that understands the system and can use this knowledge to help you win your claim. You are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group at for a free case evaluation.

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