Can’t Keep Up? 4 Encinitas AC Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

Encinitas AC Repair can be very costly especially when you have to call in the professionals every time something goes wrong. Of course, there are times when you can never avoid expensive repairs, but you can carry out your own system troubleshooting before calling in the professionals. Many times, the air conditioner problems you experience can be easily fixed.

In the majority of cases, the unit is usually not working because of simple reasons. It is also frustrating when you have to pay hundreds of dollars for a technician to come over to your place and flip the breaker on. Performing easy and quick checks before calling in the AC repair firm will save you a lot of money.

Examining Your Thermostat

The thermostat is one part of the AC system that can easily cost you lots of distress and dollars. If your unit is battery-operated, it might just require new batteries. Ensure that the thermostat is set to a temperature that is slightly below room temperature. In addition, make sure that your unit is set to on or just having its fan blow. Sometimes someone else can inadvertently change the settings on your unit.

Melting the Ice

An iced-up unit will not cool properly. The procedure to melt ice is simple. All you need to do is turn your system off, run just the fan, and the ice will melt quickly. If you prefer a more energy saving method of melting ice, just turn off your system and let the accumulated ice melt on its own.

Checking Your Breaker

If your unit does not come on at all, your breaker might have tripped. In the event, there are other appliances like lights on the same breaker as your AC system; it will most probably trip and not work at all. Do a quick check to save you from embarrassment, frustration and avoidable expenses.

Filter Change

Most air conditioner repairs can be prevented by constantly changing the filter. The lack of consistent airflow causes your cooling unit to be inefficient and can lead it to icing up.

You should try some of the tips above if your system is on the blink. Following the tips mentioned, can help you save money before calling in the professional Encinitas AC repair firm. However, a few things like electrical repairs and adding refrigerant should be left to the specialists at website. Watch videos on Youtube.

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