Caring For A Persian Rug in New York City

When a person spends money on a Persian rug in New York City, it’s important to know how to maintain it. Understand that maintaining these rugs is different than maintaining regular rugs. Persian rugs need special care. These rugs need to be cleaned by hand. Cleaning a Persian rug by hand isn’t something that can be done in 15 minutes. It’s a long process that must be done by people with patience. There are quite a few reasons why owners of Persian rugs should hire qualified cleaning services. Saving time is just one of those reasons.

Hiring a rug cleaning company to care for a Persian Rug in New York City can help prevent color problems. A quality company will test the dye of the rug. Testing the dye lets a rug cleaner know if the colors on the rug are prone to bleeding. It’s important that each color on the rug get tested. Rugs with 10 colors will have to have all 10 colors tested. Missing just one color can lead to a bad outcome. It might be the only color on the rug that bleeds. If a color is found that could bleed, a rug cleaning company will look for other ways to clean the rug. These options can be discussed with the rug’s owner.

Persian rug owners don’t have to rely on The Golden Horn or other rug companies for all of their maintenance needs. Rug owners can do some light maintenance tasks themselves to help ensure that their rugs stand the test of time. Rugs need to be vacuumed on a regular basis. This removes dirt that can accumulate and do damage to a rug. A rug also needs its position changed. Changing a rug’s position means that it won’t have the same spots walked on over and over again. Rugs that don’t get a lot of foot traffic don’t need to be rotated as much as rugs that get walked on by multiple people every single day.

As with other materials in a person’s home, rugs can be faded by the sun. Care must be taken to avoid placing a Persian rug in an area of a home where it is constantly exposed to sun. If a rug is in such an area, tinting the windows can help to protect the rug.

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