Four Precautions to Take Before Recycling in Long Island, NY

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Business

Recycling is a necessary part of the economy, as it helps save resources and makes certain products reusable. Before sending off any items to be recycled, however, there are some precautions to take. Recycling in Long Island NY requires careful consideration and planning.

Discuss Electronic Recycling Ahead of Time

Countless people have electronic devices they want to recycle and will simply place them in the generic recycling bin. Since these items often contain mercury and other harmful chemicals that are toxic to the environment, they should be disposed of in a different manner. Ahead of time, those looking to recycle their electronic devices need to make arrangements with the recycling company. They will ensure the materials get recycled correctly, so no harm is done to the environment.

Separate Different Materials

Many attempt to place all recyclable materials in one location. While some companies allows this, others suggest keeping different materials separated to make the recycling process quicker and easier. Plastic should be placed in one bag or bin while glass is put in another. Paper and cardboard products can go together while batteries and bulbs can be together as well.

Call About Batteries

Companies often have strict rules about the items they will take for recycling. Batteries are usually not accepted. Those who have batteries to recycle, whether it’s typical AAs or even a car battery, need to call their recycling company to see if they can be taken. If they can’t, the company will often have resources available directing people to a location that will accept these items.

Find a Household Hazardous Waste Location

Numerous items and substances can not be placed in typical recycling bins or even trash cans. A household hazardous waste location will often take these items so they can be taken care of properly. Things like motor oil, paint, adhesives, and even fertilizer needs to be brought to these locations.

Recycling in Long Island NY needs careful consideration. By taking these four precautions, residents can be sure they are placing only approved items in their bins and that all materials are being disposed of properly or reused when possible. V. Garofalo Carting Inc. is one such company that can be called to assist with recycling needs.

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