Caring For Horizontal Window Blinds In Maui

When someone wants to shade their home, they may use blinds to do the job. Horizontal Window Blinds in Maui give windows a great look without the annoyance of needing to pull them up or down when they are not needed. Instead, they can be pushed to one side of the window. These blinds are usually hung on larger windows or to cover sliding glass doors as they can come in large lengths. They look great and are easy to care for.

When caring for horizontal window blinds, it is important to use cleaners made for the type of material they are made from. In most instances, vinyl window blinds will be used. While wooden blinds are an option, they are heavy to push open and closed when needed. Vinyl is the material of choice for homes.

Make sure to dust window blinds regularly to keep them looking like new. To clean, use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove any surface dust. This can be done by using a soft-bristled brush attachment. Hold it a few inches from the slats so they do not become scratched in the process.

For deeper cleaning, a mild detergent can be mixed with warm water to wipe down blinds. This can be done with a soft piece of microfiber cloth. Wipe down each slat individually, making sure to get both sides clean. Use another piece of cloth to dry the slat immediately after cleaning so there are no watermarks left behind. This will also remove any excess moisture from dripping onto the floor.

When window blinds are very dirty, they can be remove and rinsed down outdoors. This can be done with a garden hose. Simply lay the blinds on a clean tarp and wipe them down with a cleaner meant for vinyl. Afterwards, rinse well with the garden hose. Use a towel to dry each slat. Place the blinds on a dry sheet in the sun so they dry completely.

When someone needs more information about caring for Horizontal Window Blinds in Maui, they can look online for a reputable dealer.

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