Commercial Snow Removal in Champaign, IL Is Important After a Blizzard Hits

Central Illinois has milder winters than many other parts of the country do, but residents can expect at least a few big snowstorms every year. This region is known for being windy, and those winds can cause blizzard conditions with snow accumulating into huge drifts. Commercial Snow Removal in Champaign IL is essential for businesses to keep their parking lots, private roads, and sidewalks clear and to make the surfaces safe for employees, customers, and visitors. It’s important for business owners to set up a contract with a snow removal service before winter arrives so they are assured a place in the schedule. Once a big snowstorm hits, snowplow services become extremely busy, sometimes working around the clock to clear asphalt and concrete of the white stuff.

Blizzards can occur relatively late into the season. As people expect temperatures to start warming up in late February, they can be surprised with a freak snowstorm that catches everyone off guard. In late February 2016, snow and wind led to whiteout conditions throughout much of the state. The Champaign area received around five inches of snow and was smacked with wind gusts up to nearly 60 miles per hour. When the weather finally settled down, businesses relied on Commercial Snow Removal in Champaign IL to clear away the mess with snowplows and snow blowers. Some of these services also provide cleanup with snow shovels on exterior stairways and places where snow blowers are inconvenient.

This type of storm can become so hazardous to motorists that law enforcement actually closes major highways. Some businesses may need to close down as well until the blizzard moves on. It often takes several hours before counties, municipalities, and townships get all the roads clear of snow and ice making them safe enough to drive on. People don’t like to be stuck at home, though and, as soon as they can, they head out to wherever they want to go. Because of A1 Pavement Maintenance, these individuals are able to drive their cars into parking lots and safely walk to buildings. The snowplow operators have moved snow into big piles in corners of the lots. That snow will be removed with a dump truck later on.

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