Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance: 5 Mistakes Homeowners Must Avoid

Carpets can cost you a pretty penny. If you’re tired of ending up with shabby, ruined carpets and rugs, here are a few mistakes you might be making.

Stepping on the carpet with your shoes on

Carpets provide an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. One way to reduce bacteria buildup, though, is to stop walking all over your carpets with your outdoor shoes on. Use indoor slippers. That’s going to prevent the spread of dirt and bacteria in your home. That’s going to make it easier to clean your carpets as well.

Not asking for tips and advice

Say, you bought a new carpet. Don’t just use any of the cleaning solutions you have at home. Check in with the manufacturer or seller for cleaning tips and suggestions. That way, you won’t end up using one that could ruin the fabric.

Not testing the fabric

Before you use a cleaning solution, you’ll need to test for colorfastness. Moisten a small piece of cloth with the solution and rub it on a tiny piece of the rug. Pick a corner. If any of the colors bleed or transfer into the cloth, then that means you’ve picked the wrong cleaning solution, the Better Homes and Gardens says. Make sure you keep that away from your rugs and carpets.

Not hiring pros

If it’s been years since your carpets have been cleaned, then leave the work to experts. Doing it on your own could lead to more unnecessary costs. If you make a mistake, you could ruin the carpet and say goodbye to your investment. Get carpet cleaning experts in Edmond OK to get this done for you instead.

Forgetting to vacuum your carpet

Finding carpet cleaning experts in Edmond OK can help. But make it easier for them by vacuuming your carpet once a week. That should help keep the fabric in good condition, making maintenance easier.

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