Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Hamilton, OH Could Help People Resolve Their Debt Situation

Recovering from an economic recession like the one that ended just a few years ago isn’t easy. Although more people are working, there are still record numbers of unemployed people, and many of them have exhausted their state unemployment benefits. While these people might want to pay their bills, in some cases, it simply isn’t possible because they don’t have sufficient income. Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Hamilton, OH is the perfect way to deal with debt in these situations.

Filing bankruptcy is a strategy that can help someone that has more debt than they can manage on their own. In many cases, these debts can be discharged so they don’t have to be paid. Although some bills will still need to be taken care of after the bankruptcy, having many of them discharged could make it easier for a family to pay the remaining debt. Bills such as child or spousal support, some taxes, and most student loans won’t be discharged by the court, but since credit cards and medical bills won’t need to be paid after the bankruptcy, there might be sufficient money left over to pay the mandatory debts.

The first step is to contact an attorney who focuses on chapter 7 bankruptcy in Hamilton, OH. This type of attorney is most likely to know all the steps required to determine if a person or couple is eligible for this type of bankruptcy and guide them through the process until their debts are discharged. There are a number of things required before debts will be discharged. For example, everyone who files for bankruptcy protection must attend a credit counseling session prior to filing the paperwork with the court. They must submit proof of that session before the clerk will accept the documents.

A professional like Dean Snyder, Attorney at Law, can help his clients to determine whether bankruptcy is the right choice in their financial situation. In some cases, there are other, more effective ways to manage debt. By working with an attorney who understands bankruptcy laws and has helped numerous clients resolve their debt issues, a person who needs help deciding what to do about their debt could get the assistance they need.

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