Check Out These Shipwrecks If You’re Looking for Dive Trips in Key Largo

If you’re planning to go on dive trips in Key Largo, you may want to consider going to see some of the shipwrecks in the area. These can be either deep or shallow dives, and the views you’ll see are unlike any other. Some of the ships sunk due to a catastrophe, and others were sunk to help create an artificial reef for the wide variety of sea life that calls Key Largo home. Three of the most popular dive spots are the USS Spiegel Grove, the USCG Cutter Duane, and the Benwood Wreck.

USS Spiegel Grove

One of the deep dives in Key Largo, this dive requires advanced diving certification. The ship was sunk in 2002 and now sits upright about 134 feet down. The highest parts of the ship are about 60 feet below the surface. Spanning 510 feet long, this ship is now home to a wide variety of wildlife and is living up to its purpose of creating an artificial reef to hold the marine life far below the surface.

USCG Cutter Duane

This is also a deep water dive that requires advanced certification. The ship was built in 1936 and was used in 1942 to help take down one of the German U-boats. After being sunk in 1987, this ship has become known for the variety of marine life that lives on it. It’s 125 feet below the surface, with the highest point being just 50 feet below the surface and is one of the most popular diving areas.

Benwood Wreck

Just because you don’t have an advanced certification doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy diving around a shipwreck. After being sunk in 1942 as a casualty of the war, much of the ship was destroyed. The remainder sits between 25 and 55 feet, and the vast amounts of wildlife that have made this their home make it one of the most popular shallow shipwrecks.

If you’re planning dive trips in Key Largo, make sure you stop by at least one of these shipwrecks. You’ll be sure to see a variety of the fish and other sea animals that call Key Largo home and you’ll experience a one of a kind adventure that you’re sure to enjoy. Call a Key Largo dive shop today to start planning your dives or inquire about obtaining an advanced certification to enjoy the deep water dives.

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