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Gun control is one of those issues that people have strong opinions on. Both sides believe that their reasoning is common sense and supported by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Normally, Democrats favor increased gun control and Republicans support the right of the people to bear arms.

In the past, Democrats have frequently pointed at Europe (excluding Switzerland) as an example of how strict gun control cuts down gun crime. The recent horrific terrorist killings in Paris will probably be used to support both points of view. Supporters of an armed citizenry will say that if some people other than the terrorists had had guns, many lives could have been saved. Gun control advocates will say that more gun laws would have prevented the terrorists from having guns.

The Swiss Favor Guns

Switzerland is the least likely country in Europe to be attacked by armed terrorists. Why? Because there’s a gun in every home. All males must serve in the military; females can volunteer. They are required to keep their guns at home and practice regularly. It’s common to see people carrying rifles in public. The reason behind this state of armed readiness is the fear of invasion; they felt that soldiers would need to be able to fight their way to an assembly point. Historians state that this degree of armed readiness prevented the Germans from invading Switzerland in World War II.

Would the Swiss Model Work in the U.S.?

It would be difficult. The cultures of the U.S. and Switzerland are too different. The Swiss are not interested in a “melting pot” society; immigration is strictly controlled. They believe in civic responsibility and supporting their cohesive society. The Swiss feel that a responsible, disciplined citizenry deters gun violence, and the facts support their view. However, they are a small nation with only 8 million people. They are committed to neutrality; while their soldiers do serve with the U.N. and NATO, they have not been involved as a nation in an armed conflict since 1847.

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