Choosing A Louisville Warehouse To Partner With Your Small Business

One of the biggest issues that small businesses in Louisville face is the need for storage. However, for most small businesses, it goes beyond just raw inventory storage for those businesses that produce goods. It includes the need to have a location to ship from, a way of managing inventory and even the ability to provide Just-In-Time or JIT deliveries to customers.

In reality, what most companies really need is a customized warehouse solution. For most small businesses, buying or renting a large facility is not cost-effective, particularly when equipment, labor, and insurance is added to the cost of the purchase.

A better option is to use an existing warehouse that offers all the services and features that are required. Depending on the facility and the company operating the storage and management service, there can be a range of different customized options available for your goods and materials.

What Is Required?

Before looking at the different warehouse facilities and options, make a list of the specific services you need. For most small businesses, this will include inventory management, typically through barcodes or other types of tagging services. When this can be integrated with your inventory management system, there is never any doubt as to what is available in the inventory when taking orders.

Check to make sure the service will offer receiving, liftgate delivery, in-house assembly, cataloging, and reporting. For businesses in Louisville, services such as kitting, blanket wrapping of inventory and client access into the area will also be critical factors for many companies.

Compare the services as well the costs when choosing between warehousing solutions. It is also essential to check the security measures that are in place as well as the condition of the fire suppression system, ventilation and overall storage conditions and options.

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