Inspire Your Child with Great Kids’ Church Activities Today

One of the best things about churches is that they have long served as a source of community. For as many different views as there have been on Christianity, and for all the iterations which continue to thrive today, that shared sense of community is a shared tenant. For untold millions across the globe, that sense of community begins at a young age. That is yet another reason why church life has endured for more than two millennia. Many children yearn for involvement, and church groups have long been an outlet for their energy.

Here, then, are just a few kids church activities which help foster ties and bring children together in a church-sponsored setting.

Interfaith Events

Tolerance and understanding are one of the core tenants of not just Jesus’s teaching, but also of so many of the great teachers from around the world. As such, some of the most popular kid’s church activities today involve interfaith events with those of other beliefs. Children have the opportunity to share their views with others while gaining exposure to other ideas and cultures from around the globe.

In an increasingly multicultural world, this is a wonderful way to get children to understand the universal importance of “love thy neighbor.”

Arts and Crafts

From the richest Renaissance works of religious art to the simplest of drawings made by your child, faith has long served as an inspiration for the arts. Getting your child involved with kids church activities which involve arts and crafts can help them nurture an artistic gift and teach them the value of self-expression, all in a Christian setting.

Religious Performances

From the anonymous Medieval play Everyman to the music of Mozart and Johnny Cash, religion has played a huge role in inspiring works of theatre and music. Performance of all kinds has long been integral to church life, making these types of kids church activities another great way to have your child share their gift while feeling inspired themselves.

Visit and see what kind of great church activities await your child! You can follow them on Pinterest.

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