Choosing Accessories to go with Your Men’s Biker Leather Jacket

When shopping for a men’s biker leather jacket, there are many factors to consider, including leather type, size, fit, zipper vs. buttons, etc. Once you’ve found the perfect jacket, you can explore your options surrounding accessories and ‘fun’ additions to your leather repertoire. If you’re a rider, these accessories can make every ride even better:

* Leather chaps: These are both functional and stylish. Not only will they keep your legs warm and comfortable in inclement weather, they provide a stylish and rugged look.

* Leather Boots: What’s a leather jacket without matching boots? A quality pair will last you many years and will provide sturdy protection in all kinds of terrain.

* Gloves: Got a long ride ahead? Get a better grip with a pair of leather gloves. Available in a variety of styles and colors, you’ll probably want to get a few different styles to suit your mood of the day.

* Face masks and bandanas: Protect your face from the wind, cold, bugs and other elements with a face mask that is sure to please. Again, you’ll want to choose a few different colors, styles and designs to suit your mood and tastes.

* Helmet: Protect your biggest asset with a sturdy helmet that is manufactured with durability in mind. No one wants to think about accidents, but when they happen you’ll be glad you were wearing a helmet.

* Action camera: Catch all the action on the road with a camera and show your friends back home what they’re missing.

Whether you’re riding solo to and from work every day, or you’ve enlisted some friends for a tour across the country, accessories are just as important as your jacket and your bike. Accessories are a must for serious and novice bikers alike. For more men’s biker leather jacket ideas, check out

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