Why Choose Centrifugal Casting?

Metals like lead are commonly cast into many shapes and can take a variety of lead casting supplies. Centrifugal casting uses a spinning motion to create round, smooth shapes. Let’s take a closer look at this method, to explore the benefits it has to offer.

What Does Centrifugal Cast Mean?

In order to spin cast, a worker heats the metal until it’s glowing hot. Next, he or she pours molten metal into a container, which feeds into a spinning mold. The molds spin thanks to chain or belt drives attached to electric motors.

As the hot metal rotates in the mold, it slowly cools. The process of spinning removes irregularities and throws spurs to the outer edges, where machining easily removes them. Spin casting is perfect for symmetrical shapes like pipes and makes strong and durable products.


 * It takes less lead casting supplies because the spinning process helps cool down the metal, and there is no need to heat the molds.

 * There are no limits on thickness and lengths. Spin casting makes small diameter parts as well as large diameter parts.

 * The process is more accurate than extrusion because the metal is not stretched.

 * By changing the amount of molten metal, one can get different thicknesses from the same spin molds.

 * With many cast products, cores are necessary. However, spin casting eliminates the need for cores.

 * This process creates the same precision parts over and over. You don’t have to make constant changes or adjustments.

Cost Savings

Using fewer lead casting supplies saves money. It’s possible to make more than one part from the same mold, at the same time. This lets you mass produce several parts without changing molds or shutting down production. You have less downtime and increase production at the same time. It is a highly efficient operation.

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