Choosing an Overhead Door in Saint Charles MO

Adding an overhead door to a garage is a great way to improve the look and function of the garage. While a swinging garage door might look nice, an overhead door can use a garage door opener to make parking your car a lot more convenient. Most homeowners are moving to overhead doors, so adding one can also update the look of your home. Choosing an overhead door in Saint Charles MO is a matter of comparing form and function.

Overhead garage doors are available in three basic types. There are tilt-up types that are a single door panel that tilts-up. They have a more pleasing aesthetic to some people and can be very nice, but since the door tilts up it can limit the height of vehicles that can use it. Roll-up doors are made of multiple small sections that roll into a coil when opened. They allow for a larger garage door opening, but the multiple smaller sections mean that they are not as strong as the other two options. The most common overhead door is a sectional door. It is composed of three or four panels that are hinged so that the door can roll up. They do not roll as tightly as a roll-up door, but they allow for most normal size vehicles to enter the garage and they are stronger than a roll-up door.

When choosing an overhead door in Saint Charles MO, you also have to consider the material that the door is made of. Most door styles are available in fiberglass, wood, aluminum or steel. Most people consider wood door the most visually appealing, but they also require the most upkeep and are the least durable. Fiberglass doors are strongest, but they do not hold up well in areas that get extreme cold. Cold can cause them to crack and break. Aluminum is a good choice for coastal areas because it is resistant to corrosion and rust, but it damages easily and is not very strong. Most people choose steel because it is affordable, easy to install and durable. It also offers a high level of security.

If you are considering installing an overhead door check out some companies locally. Take some time to visit website of any company you are interested in and you will get many ideas of what kind of door suits you best.

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