Why Getting Paternity Testing in North Bend OR is Crucial

Research has shown that at least 30 percent of all the paternity tests that are carried out lead to the ruling out of the tested father as the biological parent to a child in question. This is a clear indication that there are a lot of people that could be raising and paying bills for children that aren’t biologically theirs. If you have questions about the paternity of your child, you can get a test done and put all the doubts behind you. Here are important things to know about getting paternity testing North Bend OR service.

Why you may need DNA testing

Being the biological father of a child places a huge responsibility on you. These responsibilities include:

  1. Supporting the upkeep of the child

  2. Providing home, clothes and food for the child

  3. Making sure that all the medical expenses that are connected with raising a child are settled

  4. Financing the child’s education

Also, when you become the biological parent of a child, it means that you will have to leave part or the whole of your estate to that child. These are the matters that make it necessary to be completely sure that you are the father of the child.

Why people look for paternity tests

You may seek for a paternity test in the following circumstances.

  1. When being sued for child support responsibilities

  2. When making inheritance settlements

  3. When you have a surrogate parent conformation issue

  4. When a child is due for social security or military benefits

  5. When there are forensic concerns

  6. Simply for the peace of mind of the immediate parents and the children.

There are different types of paternity tests available. These include those that can be administered even before the child is born and those that are done after childbirth. These tests can be done using saliva, nail clippings and hairs from the child. There is also the choice of mobile testing as opposed to an in-house test. The service provider will help you choose the most appropriate test for you.

These are the important things you need to know about Paternity Testing in North Bend OR. Atlas Edge Staffing Services is one of the best providers of these services in North Bend. Go to website for details on the services they offer.

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