Choosing Between Speech Therapists in Draper, Utah

If you are looking to hire an expert to help your child with their speech, then you likely already know how difficult it can be to choose between speech therapists in your area. It is normal that you want the best for your child, and because of that, it is also normal to feel like you can’t make the best decision. If you are stuck trying to choose the right therapist to meet your needs, these tips might help you make your selection a bit easier.

Location Matters

It’s normal for speech therapists in Draper, Utah to have coverage areas. Many therapists will meet their clients in their homes, which makes it important for the client to be nearby. Even if they don’t come to you, speech therapists won’t want you traveling too far to come to appointments. It’s much easier for everyone to make the appointment when there isn’t a lot of driving involved.


Most therapists are generalists, but there are some speech therapists who will have a specialty. This is important if you are looking for someone to treat your young child or if they are on the autism spectrum. Being able to work with your child’s unique challenges is very important.

How You Feel

The most important aspect is the feeling you get when you meet with a prospective therapist. They should make you and your child feel comfortable and be fun to work with, or you will likely not see the progress you want. When you are choosing between equally qualified professionals, choose the one who makes you the most comfortable.

If you are still on the fence in trying to find a therapist, talk to the experts at Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists. They can help you find the perfect fit for your family and begin therapy right away.

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