What to Expect with Panchakarma Detoxification

Panchakarma detoxification is an ancient practice of cleansing and rejuvenating. This process cleanses the body of impurities, both outside and in. Those who wish to undergo this course of action should ready themselves mentally and physically. This cleanse takes two to three weeks, and there are several different processes undertaken during this time. Here is what to expect from a Panchakarma detoxification.


Preparation consists of consultation with the practitioner overseeing the cleanse and preparing the body for the procedure. Some dietary restrictions will be put in place a week before the cleanse, which will get the body ready and eliminates some toxins. It is critical that the preparation steps not be skipped.

During the Cleanse

The cleanse consists of five internal processes. Vamana is vomiting induced by a herbal remedy. Vamana is done to clean out the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. Purgation is used to clean the stomach, liver, and intestines and Vasthi/Basti utilizes enemas to clean the large intestine. This procedure also benefits other organs.

Nasya is the process of applying medicines through the nose. This helps to manage stress and produces clear thought. Rakta Moksha is the optional process of bloodletting, which applies to only certain conditions. The practitioner will guide the participant through the necessary components of the cleanse, using only what will be beneficial to the client.

It is vital that the person receiving the cleanse gets plenty of rest and does not participate in stimulating activities, such as watching television or vigorous exercise. The recipient may feel fatigued for the first few days, but this does not last. Emotional extremes may occur as the body relieves itself of toxins.

Following the Cleanse

Once the cleanse is complete, the practitioner will give the client tips for returning to their usual routine. Daily self-massage and the proper diet are recommended during this time and in the future. Clients should expect to undergo a Panchakarma detoxification when your body demands of lethargy and a pattern to do every year is beneficial. Contact Athreya Ayurvedic Centre today!

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