Choosing Decorative Mouldings in Laguna Niguel CA

If a homeowner is looking for a quick, easy way to freshen a room’s appearance, decorative Mouldings in Laguna Niguel CA are a great choice. When chosen correctly, moldings can completely change the look and feel of a room.

Before calling an installer, though, the homeowner should Visit Website to read some basic tips on choosing the right molding for every room in the home.


The homeowner should choose molding that’s a reflection of the home’s style. A contemporary home would look great with a simple molding, while a Victorian home is well-suited to decorative molding. A skilled designer can blend different decor styles, but it is sometimes tricky to combine different styles in a confined space. A good thing about decorative molding is that it can be made to look like almost any material, including wood grain. That gives the homeowner a great deal of flexibility in choosing a look that works well for the home.


Molding should improve the look of the room, not completely overpower it. Crown and other moldings should be chosen based on ceiling height; the higher a ceiling is, the wider the decorative molding should be. The installer will use samples or templates to determine how the finished project will look. Because plastic has greater flexibility than wood has, a plastic molding can be easier to install on crooked walls and ceilings.

Buy More Than is Needed

When installing new molding, the installer will recommend that the homeowner should buy more than is needed. Having a little extra will give the installer some room for error. Plastic molding can be installed with the same tools used in wood installations, and because it doesn’t split or crack, there will be less waste.

Finishing the Molding

If the project requires staining or painting, it should be done before the molding is installed. Plastic moldings are available in a variety of colors that don’t require painting, making the installation process easier and less time-consuming.

Decorative Mouldings in Laguna Niguel CA can entirely change the look of a room, but there are things that should be considered before installation. By buying more than is needed, and by considering the style and size of the molding itself, an installer can give the homeowner the look they want at a price they’ll love.

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