What to Expect with a Chemical Peel

It is important to seek a doctor’s guidance when considering a chemical peel. There are some patients who will need to follow a pre-peel plan to care for the skin for a period of two to four weeks. This plan will improve the results and reduce the possible side effects that occur. The dermatologist will let patient’s know what they should do on a case by case basis.

On the day the peel is done, the person will be prepped for the actual treatment. This will include a complete cleansing of the skin. For those who are having a deep peel, they will get general anesthesia, which will cause them to fall asleep. The deep peel process has to be done in a surgical setting.

Once the patient is prepped, their dermatologist will quickly apply the peel to begin treatment. They will also watch their patient’s skin extremely carefully in order to remove the peel at just the right time. If a deep peel is used then the skin will be treated one small section at a time. This will limit the potential negative effect on the lungs and heart.

Once the Chemical Peel is removed, the skin will be treated as it is needed. Patients who receive a medium peel may have to use a cool compress and then a cream or lotion for soothing their skin. For deep peels, a surgical dressing will be necessary.

Once the peel is complete, the patient may have to provide their own at-home care. This will be outlined by the person’s dermatologist. It is essential that these after care instructions are followed carefully in order to ensure the skin does not become infected after the peel process is complete.

Take some time to find a dermatologist who has completed these types of services in the past. This will help ensure quality results for those who invest in this type of treatment. Keep in mind, this type of procedure is not right for everyone, which is why it is essential to find a dermatologist who will be able to provide the treatment when it is necessary and ensure it is done properly.

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