Choosing The Right Security Cameras And Systems For Your Business

If you own a business, security concerns should be of top priority. Business owners have a responsibility to keep their employees safe and to also protect their assets. Choosing a security system for your business should encompass three main functions: access control, Security Cameras, physical security. Here is a breakdown of all three functions and what you should know when considering them.

Access Control

Access control refers to who can access a building or information at a given time or day. There are several forms of access control, including bio-metric scanners (fingerprint, hand prints and retinal scanners), simple keypad codes and key fobs. Choosing the right access control for your business will depend on the security level you require. For those who simply want to make sure your building is secure from theft, keypad codes may be the right choice. For those who want to limit access into their office buildings, key fobs and bio-metric scanners may be a better choice.

Security Cameras

Not all cameras are the same and more importantly, not all camera systems are the same. When searching, choose a security company that offers advanced camera controls. Companies such as offer several forms of camera security, including updating your system while also incorporating your existing cameras. This company also offers such advances as UAV and views inside vehicles, aerial views, license plate recognition software and people counting software. These controls allow for up to the minute security information and can detect potential threats before they actually happen. Businesses with a high concern with security should consider these types of camera systems.

Physical Security

Simply having access control and camera systems installed for your business are not the only levels of security you should be concerned with. What good is your security surveillance if a potential threat can’t be stopped? Having security officers on site to keep threats at bay, can be the difference in having a favorable outcome to a threat and having a potential fiasco on your hands.

Physical security also gives peace of mind to both employees and customers who may come through your business. Especially businesses where physical threats are a legitimate risk (such as banks and high profile businesses), having prominently placed security guards can both deter a threat and give a sense of comfort to everyone involved.



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