The Benefits of Core Aeration

One of the best ways to keep the outside of your home looking great is by investing in the care and upkeep of your lawn. For the most part, the typical homeowner has a full time job and family that takes up the majority of their time, which means they really do not have the time to manage their lawn. In situations like this, it is helpful to hire a professional lawn care company to manage all of the elements that go into producing a healthy and lush yard. The following are a few of the benefits of regular maintenance and Core Aeration for your Lake Norman home.

Regeneration the Your Lawn’s Root System

One of the main reasons to have your lawn aerated is that it helps to regenerate the root system, which in turn leads to a much healthier and lush lawn. The roots are a very important part of your grass because they deliver vital nutrients and oxygen, which in turn helps the grass to grow. By having the soil aerated, you will make it much easier for these nutrients to be delivered to the grass. Having a clear path for the nutrients to be delivered will ensure that your grass stays healthy and growing.

Changing the Chemistry of the Soil

Another reason why having core aeration done to your lawn is such a good idea, is because it will allow you to add essential chemicals and nutrient. Most lawn maintenance companies will test the soil before they begin to service your property so they know what nutrients and chemicals that your lawn needs. During the aeration process the company will begin to add these nutrients to the soil, which will help with the growth and health of your lawn.

Over Seeding

For many homeowners, getting rid of dead and bare patches in their lawn is a constant struggle. One of the best methods for combating this type of problem is by over seeding your lawn on a regular basis. In order for over seeding to be successful, you have to make sure that the seed actually reach down into the soil. By aerating the soil, you will make it much easier for the seeds to reach the soil, which will enhance the success of the over seeding process. If you are tired of fighting with the dead patches in your lawn, the aerating before you over seed will help you immensely.

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