What To Choose For A Traditional Personalize Baby Gift?

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Business & Economics

A personalized baby gift is always a very popular option. This is because it elevates a traditional baby gift to something that the child will have that has uniquely been selected and made just for them. Adding the child’s name, initials, birth-date or even a special message to the item not only adds that personal touch but it also makes you gift different than any other the family may receive.

Traditional Personalized Baby Gift

You may be very surprised at the option that you have to consider for a personalized baby gift. There are the always popular and much appreciated bibs, blankets and burp cloths, but you can also go with something completely unique that still has that traditional feel.

If you are considering a traditional personalized baby gift you may want to go modern with your color choices both of the gift as well as with the message. Pink and blue are the traditional colors for girls and boys respectively, but you can also select from purple, royal blue, yellow, green or any color that you like or you know will match with the nursery colors.

Baby blankets and burb cloths tend to be solid in their colors but have unique trim and personalized lettering and fonts. Satin trim on baby blankets is extremely popular for both boys and girls. If you want a traditional gift with a modern twist you may want to select a stroller blanket, a very practical and much appreciated personalized baby gift for any set of new parents.


For newborns a bodysuit in organic cotton that has the baby’s name and a cool logo or design is a sure to be a popular option. This type of personalized baby gift is often kept for years to come especially if it was a favorite clothing item for the parents.

Popular designs for a traditional personalized baby gift include animals, letters and numbers, colors and hearts. Of course, adding the name really adds that extra touch and tells the family that you are thinking of them and their new arrival.

Choosing a traditional personalized baby gift doesn’t mean you can’t also be creative. The great thing about personalized gifts is they are sure to be used again and again, making them both practical as well as meaningful.

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