Every Business Needs Change of Address Software

One of the best ways to keep in contact with your customer base is by mail outs. Mailings take a lot of work and can be quite expensive if you do not know how to turn this brilliant marketing strategy in the right direction. Addresses change for Americans on a constant basis. A business needs to be able to keep up with these address changes in order to keep from increasing their mailing costs. In order to maintain a high quality mailing list, businesses need NCOALink software that keeps them in the loop with real time information concerning correct addresses. Make sure your mail outs reach their true destination and reduce the amount of money you spend on postage for mailings that end up being returned to you as undeliverable. Now you can make sure addresses are corrected prior to sending mail outs.

Use Certified Software

There are plenty of programs on the market that are meant to interface mailing lists with correct addresses. Some incorporate just the basics. This may be applicable to smaller businesses. However, when you know your business has potential to grow, or it is already firmly established, you need to be sure that your mailing lists are updated regularly with addresses referenced through the USPS. Any software you use must also be compliant and certified via USPS regulations. Such an interface needs to be extremely efficient so you reap the rewards.

NCOALink Options for Licensing

COA databases range from 18 month to 48 month, and should be accessible through certified software. There are also three options for licensing for businesses too, End User Mailers, Limited Service Providers, and Full Service Providers. The USPS offers a program called ANKLink that can be used, and is compatible with End User Mailers and Limited Service Providers for NCOALink. ANKLink provides thirty months of additional access to move information which extends beyond the 18 month USPS COA database. This allows a business to identify and flag moves that are made within the last nineteen to forty-eight months. You can then choose to drop them from your mailings, process the flagged data with the proper full service capability to acquire the change of address, or separate those addresses for investigation. ANKLink gives a business the ability to use a Full Service License when they are actually only licensed as End Users or Limited Service Providers.

Anchor Computer Software offers businesses the chance to purchase superior software such as NCOALink to access real time address data to keep their mailing lists accurate. Invest in software that will save you time and money when you browse their extensive website.

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