Choosing the roofing material for your house

Nothing enhances the beauty of a home more than the roof; the material type, the color, style and cost all play a big part in the material chosen for the roof of your home. As well as these factors roofing in Fort Collins CO today includes eco-friendly alternatives such as recyclable materials and high Energy-Star ratings. Although an energy efficient roof may be somewhat more expensive to initially install it can save a considerable amount of money over the lifetime of the roof through lower heating and cooling bills.

Asphalt shingles:

Asphalt shingles, often called composite shingles can be found on the majority of homes in the US; they are reasonably priced, are quickly and easily installed and quite resilient. If the installation is a new roof surface rather than new home roofing in Fort Collins CO it may even be possible to install them over the existing material, reducing the cost considerably. They do not have the highest insulation value and the lifespan is shorter than other available materials although it is easily 20 years.

Asphalt shingles are available in a wide range of colors and textures and can be used on virtually any style house.

Clay and concrete tiles:

Clay and concrete tiles will last for eons and are extremely durable, the problem is they weigh a great deal and the roof structure often needs reinforcing to accommodate the weight. They are very popular in the Southwest of the country as they are light in color and reflect half the suns energy.

Concrete and clay tiles are available in a number of different styles and textures. They are often thought to be only half moon shaped but they also are available to mimic wood shakes. This material is impervious to insects and will not burn in the event of a house fire, they can handle hail and high winds with no difficulty and they are completely recyclable.

Metal roofs:

The day of the plain vanilla corrugated galvanized iron sheet roof are over. Metal roofs that are available today are available in aluminum, steel and copper. Being metal they have a long life expectancy, approaching 50 years in most cases. Metal roofs are no longer simply corrugated; they are manufactured to simulate other roof materials such as shakes, slate, tile and asphalt. Metal roofs are lighter than other materials; they can stand up to harsh weather conditions and require very little maintenance.

Jerry’s Roofing, LLC provide Affordable Roofing in Fort Collins CO. With 25 years in the business, Jerry’s can assure you that the job will be done right, and done right the first time.

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